JUNE 27, 2024 @ 12:00PM ET - FREE Custom GPT Workshop for NON-TECHIES

Unlock the Power of Custom GPTs for your Business

- No Tech Skills Required -

WHEN: Thursday, June 27th at 12PM ET
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This Workshop Is For you if...

You're a course creator, coach, or online business owners and...

You've heard about custom GPTs but aren't sure how they can help your business

I'm going to break down what custom GPTs are and show you specific ways you can use them to help you in your business

You're tired of getting generic results from ChatGPT

I'll show you how you can make content creation easier and faster with the help of your own Personalized AI Assistant (Custom GPT)

You want to see real examples of how custom GPTs can be used in your business​

I''ll show you my custom GPTs and how I use them to help me in my business

You want learn how to build your own custom GPT

Get the steps for building your own custom GPT along with common mistakes to avoid.

Here's What I'm Going to Cover:

Understanding Custom GPTs

Gain a clear understanding of what custom GPTs are, how they work, and why they are valuable for your business.

Using Custom GPTs

Learn the different ways you can use custom GPTs to help you save time, create content faster, and get more done in your business.

Build Your Own GPT

Get the exact steps for building your own custom GPT -- and don’t worry, there are no tech skills required.

Mistakes to Avoid

Learn about the top 3 common mistake people make when creating a custom GPT and how to avoid them.